old friends sat on the park bench like book ends

After a weekend spent with old friends, old friends with life changing memories shared, we felt so close as a family.  Reminiscing on all the change and adventure we have had brings a sweetness to my heart.


october 2009


same babies this past weekend…

Oh these babies grow so fast.  It is told and told again, but until you truly pause and look back you just don’t believe it.  But now I feel it with all my body.  I miss that baby smell.  I use to sit by our fire with Miles cuddled up to me on the couch listening the flickering flames all night long.  I miss that.  And I know I will miss today in the near future too.  And that is a glorious gift: Knowing for sure today is so good, it is worthy of missing.  

IMG_7287 IMG_7328 IMG_7329 IMG_7344 IMG_7366 IMG_7435 IMG_7426 IMG_7414

We bid out goodbyes, with confidence that a chance would come again soon to see this gentle family we hold so dear. 


One thought on “old friends sat on the park bench like book ends

  1. Three young children running around and a baby, and it was still one of our most peaceful weekends in a long time! I think a home full of warmth and compassion will do that. Thank you!

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