my favorite kind of mess

Sometimes I get extremely tired of the constant swirl of disaster around here.  By this I mean my children’s tendency to need to play with their whole body causing a tornado of debris to fly behind them at a constant rate throughout the day.  Plain and simple, it’s a mess.  When whining to my mother about my woes, she reminded me that when I was little it was similar.  Yeah, yeah I thought.  But then she brought up a really good point.  The projects.  The crafts.  The experiments.  My inclination to create didn’t start as an adult, I have always been a soap making, worry doll wrapping, jacket sewing kind of girl.  (I have never been all that good at any of my hobbies mind you, but I always enjoy the process)  Needless to say, this habit of mine was (and is) not one of organization.   And while I have gotten a bit more diligent in the cleaning up process, it is still an effort.  I can only imagine what the remains of some of my projects looked like as a child.

Either way, this is the type of mess I suppose I always expected as a mother.  The dumping everything out everywhere you go variety wasn’t on my radar, and I am still learning to be tolerant of this seemingly destructive mess making technique.  But today, I got my wish.  I had a sit down and craft day with my boy.  Let me repeat that a SIT DOWN and craft day with my boy.  Yes, that’s right, he sat down, listened to sparkle stories while his little brother napped, and needle felted.  It was so fun.  And this was his creation.

IMG_7611 IMG_7612 IMG_7624I joined in on the fun too… Scary Fire Woman

IMG_7627 IMG_7628 IMG_7632

Pretty cool if you ask me.

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