one foot in front of the other

Pride is bubbling out my ears today….


Not just for my finisher of a half marathon… (though I must confess I am green with envy, you may remember my decision to stop running a few months ago)… but for my first class boys cheering on their daddy with a contagious enthusiasm.  From all my years of being the one huffing and puffing down the trail, I never knew I make a really good cheerleader too.  I was so good in fact, today my voice is a bit hoarse.


There is something about a team camaraderie.  Several groups running in honor of someone, in awe of someone, or in leu of someone formed for the CHAD race.  It was quite the event, chock full of superheros.  Miles asked me if I thought Wonder Woman was called Wonder Woman because she was “always just wonderin’ about the world?”.  Pointing out the spidermen and women, the underdogs, the batmen, all of the famous characters was exciting.  Even for two non-tv watching little boys.

IMG_7736 IMG_7749 IMG_7777

And you should have seen the way they held it together.  The race is long and there was a lot of waiting and a lot of people and a lot of excitement and usually these factors equal up to be an intensely stressful day.  But, my boys were champions too!

IMG_7785 IMG_7825

Miles announced to all who would listen after the race, “My daddy ran a race and won.”,  which pretty much melted our hearts.  It is an honor to be held in such esteem by these little people isn’t it?  

3 thoughts on “one foot in front of the other

  1. Miles’ assessment of Wonder Woman is my new favorite thing in the world!! We like to call our wonders “daily wonderings” at our house. And I imagine my boys will remember me as the crazy mama that wondered about the world all the time; maybe if I am lucky they will think I was “Wonder Woman.” What a beautiful day, thanks for sharing!

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