the why’s

Hanging around with small children 24/7 gives you a real chance to question everything.  First you are just answering the never-ending string of whys (though I have quickly learned to save my breath and respond with the occasional, “Why do YOU think?”… trust me… if you already have had a four-year old or currently do you understand my plight).  Then the why’s become more complex.  Things inevitably require a google search or a YouTube video.  You know things like, “What it if the big bang never happened?” or “How do babies form inside a mama’s uterus?” or “Why do leaves change color?”.   I scramble to gather library books on the necessary inquiries like, Why don’t leaf cutter ants live in Chile? or Why do mice carry diseases?, but they don’t seem to exist.  I attempt to post an unfathomably fast growing list of the I wonders and whys on the wall to be answered at a later date but the interest sometimes wanes after the moment is over.

But sometimes, just sometimes life happens in the most spectacular ways.  Occasionally, just being awake and out in the world exposes the answers.


And when the expert on the subject happens to stroll by, Mama surely gets to save her voice for a moment or two.  Quiet sips of my coffee with the cold breeze on my face.  I never miss an opportunity to enjoy a break.  Never.

How do they take boats out of the water?  Why do they take boats out for the winter?  Where do they keep the boats?  


concentration and focus…  Nothing like the hush of a little boy amidst some heavy machinery.

One thought on “the why’s

  1. I adore this post!! So very true! We have created a “wonder wall” at our house too where we write all of our “daily wonderings” ; and yet I feel like I need a research assistant on staff to help with all of the answering. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

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