two ways to walk in the woods

First snows, even the lightest of them, require long walks in the woods and the purchase or thrifting of the last of the missing winter gear.  Both were successfully accomplished this weekend.

Saturday was marked in some very necessary (and very deserved) daddy-gets-time-to-do-something-for-himself, and so the boys and I headed out for a walk in the woods.  Our slow pace and their wild banter gave me some time to pause, identify, snap a shot, listen, look up, see the birds, and wonder.  Miles never wandered too far, Rowan needed no swooping up, we doubled back at just the right length, and our provisions were wisely chosen.  The only thing missing was a thermos full of hot cocoa…  Well, there is always next time.

IMG_8276 IMG_8277 IMG_8278

gathering wintergreen


copper bark


turkey tails

IMG_8295 IMG_8304

fantastic hat head and some brotherly love

I have been seeing glimmers of hope in the parenting of two little boys.  Don’t get me wrong, I still doubt constantly and harbor fear of doing it all wrong on a regular basis, but with the wisdom and presence of a mama who has walked in the same footsteps as mine not so long ago, I get to feel sturdy in my shoes and know me, my boys, my family, we are all right.  It is so good to have friends.  I played football with her getting bigger boys this weekend and it solidified my intuition that my load will lighten one of these days.  Problems will vary and rhythms will change, but oh, to be able to toss the football with someone my own size, with similar abilities!  I am not ashamed that my football skills match those of a 8 and 9-year-old, mind you, I am actually impressed with myself, if I am being all together honest!!  What I am trying to say is with my sweet friends reassurance and the proof of her fantastic boys, I feel inspired and encouraged in this here gig of mine.

A second walk with just this lady proved to be equally wonderful.  While being followed by the land trusts farm dog, A Great Pyrenees, as stark white as an arctic fox, but with a gentleness in her eyes that would fool you she was human with one glance, we headed up the mountain in the seasons first blanket of white.  By the time we reached the top, our layers were lighter and the snow was turning to big cold drops on every branch.  Our gait was quick enough to induce a sweat, and I will tell you it felt spectacular.


A miniature forest of moss living on a barns rooftop.


A little sparrows prayer flags maybe?


This ever-changing place I live in.  I am so grateful.

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