just dance

Turns out Lee took a modern dance class in college.  Turns out he was good.  His final exam consisted of a self choreographed interpretive dance to Jimi Hendrix’s Star Spangled Banner.  He got a standing ovation.  His teacher went wild.  How did it take him this long to tell me this vital part of his past?

It also turns out if I take pictures of my cat bathing in the warmth of our fireplace periodically he too is doing a sort of interpretive dance.

IMG_8437 IMG_8436 IMG_8434

Well, I couldn’t be left out of the game.  Last night, I went to an adult modern dance class.  I was only a little nervous.  The idea that I was twice the age of the other “adults” only intimidated me a little bit.  (Their outfits and hair were so cool!  They giggled together!  They were adorable!)  Real live ballerinas scurried in and out of the waiting room wearing balloon pants.. which I still need to google the purpose of…  The music was fantastic,  the costumes that were strewn about being tried on for the upcoming holiday performance were dazzling and beaded and sparkly and I so wished I could just try one on, and do one little spin, that would have been so great.  And guess what?  I didn’t embarrass myself.  I did ok!  It was spectacular!!!!!  I think I have said a hundred times since I stepped out into the cold night air from my first dance class in a decade, “THAT WAS SO FUN!”

It is easy to let your children be the only ones trying something new.  I decided it was my turn for a change, and I am so so so glad I did.

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