a handmade gift exchange

I was invited to be part of a simple handmade gift swap this year, and let me tell you this idea is genius.  7 mama’s and papa’s with a cumulative of 13 kids are each making a little something for everyone.  At the end we exchange gifts and all the children are left with 13 perfect stocking stuffers or tiny gifts for the holiday season.  The idea is to spend less than 5 bucks total and to not make a gift so extravagant it stresses you out.  I was in.

I intended on making finger puppets that were a little more exciting than the ones I created… but so is life… and this is was the result.  Now children all over Vermont can play a good game of cat and mouse.  I gave my boys a sneak preview of the project to see if they were entertaining enough to pass on and it was a success!  So, regardless of how I feel about the way the “cat” turned out… the boys minded not a bit.


Do you do any gift exchanges?  Any handmade crafting plans for the holidays that excite you?  I LOVE making gifts for the holidays.  It is something I honestly think about all year.  (Yes, I am aware of how lame that sounds…)  Miles is at an age now too where he can get into it as well and it feels great to have a partner in crime!  I will be honest, I have even guilted Lee into feeling the crafting spirit.  It is upon him I assure you.  The other night when I came home from knitting, I walked in to see a look of exhaustion and trails of pink and black fleece.  With scissors still in hand he told me he had cut out the fabric for almost ALL of this years gifts.  I was impressed.

Now just because I can’t figure out any other way to plop these photos into this post…

SMILE!  (This is the lovely look Rowan gives you upon request for a smile…)


We woke up to a fresh dusting of THIS!


And just for the cuteness of it…


And now we are off!  Over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house we go!!!  Thanksgiving day is almost here!  Our ipod is stockpiled with sparkle stories and Peter and the Wolf and The Nutcracker too.  I have not packed a single item otherwise!  So, off to work!

4 thoughts on “a handmade gift exchange

  1. Love the idea of a hand made stocking stuffer exchange! The cat and mouse are really cute, too!

    I’m knitting wash clothes (to give with fancy soap) this year.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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