ode to lee

I am breaking my non blogging streak to announce that today is my fifth wedding anniversary.  We are planning on eating lasagna and watching a rom com.  (That’s what you call a romantic comedy after five years of marriage.)  It isn’t the five-year wedding party we use to dream about having since we had a pseudo elopement.  It isn’t even an evening out.  It’s the sweetness of normal life.  That’s it.

So here is my ode to Lee.  If you are not married, this is the kind of man you want.  I promise.

IMG_1359 IMG_0542 IMG_6226

He lets me lean on him at outdoor concerts.  He will go to any show I want.  Which is awesome.

IMG_0291 IMG_4857

He is an animal lover.


He thinks everything they do is cute. Or he has at least perfected the reaction that I desire when I say, “Look how cute …. is!!!”


He has an uncanny sense of wonder.

IMG_1812 IMG_4809

He never spills.


He has always fit right in with my friends.


He deals with me.



Once he crashed his bike (really bad) trying to pick up a rose I dropped… this was the aftermath… even months later…


He is the best father to our boys.

IMG_0139 IMG_1590 IMG_6268 IMG_0487 IMG_3837 IMG_7944 IMG_5313

Actually, I just love him.  Like crazy.

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