where have I been?

Where I have been…

White chocolate cake making for our solstice celebration


Artos too… the only real way to have a celebration.


Spending time with a few people that fill my heart with so much love, and being taken care of by my sweet parents.  Oh its nice to be able to go home.  I do not take this luxury for granted.


IMG_9337 IMG_9341 IMG_9343 IMG_9386 IMG_9397 IMG_9410 IMG_9448birding…


celebrating new years the old fashioned way:  With a dip in the icy sea, well minus me this year…I have my reasons.. and they are valid, I promise.

IMG_9513 IMG_9498

And now we are back in the tundra, and its a beautiful, crisp -4 right now, which is honestly nothing else if not painful.  Lucky for new puzzles, overloads of chocolates, and a new books…

IMG_9239 IMG_9226 IMG_9205 IMG_9201 IMG_9195 IMG_9183

I will be back soon, with a bit more predictability I am sure.  This non blogging streak can’t last much longer I don’t think.

Happy New Years Everyone!

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