a sound so sweet

Today I heard a sound so sweet.  One that shot tears up to my eyes so fast I wasn’t prepared for them.  It melted away my fears.  It suppressed my pain.  It vanished my nausea.

We heard our new babies heart beat. 

My little boys, dressed up like super heroes were crunched up near me on our couch.  Three smiling midwives surrounded our growing family.  One pressed the doppler to my belly and like that the woosh woosh woosh of the tiniest of humans spoke to us.

I am here.  I choose you.


5 thoughts on “a sound so sweet

  1. I had a feeling you were “with child” when you didn’t go swimming on New Year’s Day. Sooo happy for you all!

  2. congratulations!!!! love your post and your news. also enjoyed all the pics from the az trip. boys are getting so big.xoxoxo

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