the indoor trap

Surviving -8… It is a full-time job.

With our recent happening of burst pipes and flooded house, we are left to a cozy one bedroom home upstairs.  Every other space has been  banned due to rusty nails left after torn out carpets and cold, wet cement floors.  While, going outdoors bides us some time and is of course necessary, the whole bundling/unbundling process brings the total time occupied to maybe an hour, but that is all the little wet nose of a two-year old can take in this kind of cold.  My Miles could shovel and build and explore until the dogs come home even in the most frigid conditions, but alas he is content to follow his little brothers lead too.  Thank goodness too, because there is nothing funny about an argument in the snow when you’re as cold as you’ve ever been.  It is funny to think that I always thought that I would like to live in a yurt.  And while it is still true, I would really like this, the timeline has dramatically changed over the last few weeks of close quarter living.  These boys (and myself) do best with a bit more space.  Whew… good thing I didn’t find that out the hard way!

Between the small space and the lack of outdoor time, things have gotten a bit more creative in these parts.  A bit messier too I may add.  (Or a LOT messier if I am being honest.)  After hours spent on in the same 15 square foot space, I have come to see my four-year olds developing mind become more and more interesting to follow.  He creates the most spectacular projects, orchestrates the most elaborate pretend worlds, spends lengths of time studying books in all there detail and asks the most thought-provoking questions.  Though the messes make me cringe on a daily basis, I am truly enjoying seeing him grow.

This whole four-year old thing, its pretty grand.  I tell you now, any mama’s and papa’s out there with a rowdy three-year old, though there is so much to cherish about that year, I found it to be a bit long, and a lot exhausting.  But the truth is, it won’t last forever.  Something magic happens when they round that four-year old corner.

IMG_9781 IMG_9785 IMG_9788 IMG_9789

Here is to hoping I feel the same way tomorrow:)

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