labor of love

The last few days have begun and ended in precisely the same manner, with glue and ribbon and colorful paper and scissors and markers and of course the all important glitter.  It is vital, as I am sure you know, in the making of valentines.  We have made several trips to the post office to send out the precious slips of love and spent many hours attempting to perfect the heart shape (which finally Miles decided he would write HRT next to each one to reveal the shapes identity in case it was not clear).  This, has been a true labor of love.

IMG_9951 IMG_9952 IMG_9954 IMG_9957

It seems with a bit of extra time, a few basic supplies, and a deserving list of recipients a two and four-year olds attention span is endless.  I think of all the true accomplishments they have made over the last week, all completely self-directed, and it fills this stir crazy cabin fever mama with joy.


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