it is still snowing

And it’s still snowing.  I am quite certain our vitamin D intake is suffering and therefore I am loading up on vitamin D tinctures in hopes to brighten spirits; For things are getting a bit… messy… and occasionally a bit hormonal around here!  Blast those hormones!  The very thing that has kept our population growing for millions of years is also the exact thing that has been tormenting women for just as long.  Seems unfair if you ask me.  But I must admit, although this pregnancy has been filled with more tears than any other, the tears have been rarely shed in sadness or frustration.  Listening to country music, snuggles with my boys, movies, anything remotely beautiful, good food, not feeling nauseated,  all of these things and more are without a doubt contributing to my constant faucet eyes.  It is fun in a strange sort of way.  At the very least it’s entertaining.


Speaking of those lovely pregnancy hormones; I intend to order a set of these spectacular mugs in the very near future.  My dear old friend Misty, a jack of all trades, has out done herself with these sleek vessels for delivering warm liquids to a weary soul.  I can not wait to sip my morning cup out of this joyful reminder of how my little baby will begin their life; all full of oxytocin and handmade love.

And in the corner of my children, their entertainment world has been this onslaught of white fluffy stuff.  We have not been lucky enough to get the variety that packs well for snow building, but that hasn’t stopped them.

IMG_9980 IMG_9973 IMG_9995

For thirty minutes stints scattered throughout the day these two, a dog, a me and two reluctant cats bundle up and head out to slide, dig, scoop and pile.  The end of the week promises some 40 degree days… so I can assure you we will be building something spectacular in that wet, heavy snow.  It is a must.


Oh, we all are ready for the ever talked about “mud season” of this northern state.  I can imagine what these ice waterfalls and mountains of snow will look like melted and wet and mixed with soil, but I am ready, oh so ready to see the real thing.

2 thoughts on “it is still snowing

    • Oh, I don’t think you are alone there! It seems I can’t keep my cupboards full these days!!! And I am hoping spring comes soon too because my snow pants are not suitable for pregnancy!! maternity snow pants? do they exist? I hope I don’t have to find out…

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