a knitter with no direction (following skills)

Knitting accomplishments and knitting fails, baking wins and baking so bad even the birds wont touch it in the dead of winter (that is truly bad);  This is what my February has been marked in.  This slow, snowy month has been a clear display of my boys admiration for one another and their lack of need for mama to entertain.  In fact they prefer I stay out of their play often responding to my interjections with, “I was talking to Rowan.”, or “No, Miles not Mama.”.  Oh, so matter of fact.  Which has left me to my own devices, which of course includes knitting needles and flour and colored pencils and fabric and my guitar.  It’s not so bad, this life I lead.

But, if I am being very honest I will let you in on a secret.  I am not a good knitter.  Not by any means.  I watch my friends follow a pattern with such ease, rarely tearing out, or at least having the patience to do so when it is necessary.  I like to think of myself as more of a renegade knitter, a knitter without a cause, a knitter only searching for a final product and a means to pass the time.  I am not a perfectionist or a good follower of directions, which tend to be things knitters have in common.  Not this one.  After a recent knitting win (in my mind… though it was filled with lots of loose cables and a sort of improvised top… I ran out of steam for following the chart), it was time to move back to an old faithful.


Ignore the terrible photo, I ran out of steam for that too apparently.  This is pattern is habitat and I used was habitat and I knitted it in Imperial Columbia wool.  

An old faithful by a knitter whom I envision to be a bit more like myself.   One who was without the fuss and without the drama and just went ahead and moved forward if there were minor mistakes without so much as a thought.  Elizabeth Zimmerman; The garter stitch champion of the world!  I have knitted one million (or about seven) baby surprise jackets and let me promise you, not one has come out perfect.  They are chock full of mistakes and it doesn’t bother me in the least.  I knit and I gift and I see loved ones warm and cozy and it fills me with joy, and I suppose that is the whole point of this crazy hobby anyways.


Here is to the new baby Yoshi and the in utero baby boy of my friend dear friend Meg- may these sweaters be done before they fit your next child!  And I hope that this candid review of my knitting skills has inspired other non direction followers who have yearned to pick up a set of needles to do so!  I am a self proclaimed fiber fanatic despite my clumsy hands and scattered brain and you can be too!

3 thoughts on “a knitter with no direction (following skills)

  1. Thanks for the post. I fit into your renegade knitter profile. I don’t know how to use patterns, I just wing it. And I knit because I want to make something and I want to get it done NOW. I don’t leisurely knit by the woodstove – no time for that! I feverishly knit during nap time without stopping even for a cup of tea.

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