what lives in the woods

One of the things I love best about being a mama to these two little boys (with the pleasure of a third child inside of course), is the opportunity to time travel.  They love when I channel the young Mariah, and work side by side with them on something that use to please me so.  One of those past time pleasantries is the miniature, fragile, fairy house…


I had a babysitter when I was about five or so, who informed me with certainty that fairies love to dwell in mossy areas.  I took this information to heart and spent the next decade hunting out locations to coax in the little winged people.  I passed this information onto my boys and they too find this to be a fascinating past time.  At least for the time being.  A little curled piece of birch bark becomes a sled, a layer of pine needles a bed, a stick pressed into the snow a bench… and so on.  The seasons change and so do their abodes.  Of the late, our slew of fairies have been leaving little gifts of thanks in the form of feathers, fluffs of roving, and this sweet little felt fawn.

IMG_0139 IMG_0145 IMG_0149 IMG_0155 IMG_0160

Even when the weather remains stagnant in the teens, even into March, it is nearly impossible to be in a sour mood when  forming the hopeful home of a fairy.  Bundled to the point of contentment, only our noses are the only parts to feel the the bite of the frosty air, leaving our insides free to feel warm and happy.


Besides when building a structure elicits such a smile, it would be foolish to feel anything but joy. 

One thought on “what lives in the woods

  1. A sweet post. Glad to see the dog is bundled up and looking for fairies too! I have never been into fairies, but perhaps with a little babe that I plan to homeschool and a great woods for exploring nearby, there might be some fairies in my future.

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