country road, take me home.


Our back yard…..

Ah yes, a few ethernet cables, many long phone calls (you know once we got a phone hooked up in this cell phone dead zone) and a very late UPS modem delivery later, and we are officially hooked up to the world wide web once again.  I will be quite honest, I began many a blog posts in my head when a certain moment deemed appropriate, but truth be told the internet break felt very, very nice.  Relieving almost; for unpacked boxes and unexplored territory was beckoning my time, and it was time that I tended to it.  We have really done so much in the days since arriving at our little house on the hill.  I have jacket pockets full of nails, mud caked fingernails, frostbitten cheeks, and a lot of accomplishments under my belt… well no need to deny it, I will call it like it is: under my elastic waist pants.  Belts are not a necessary accesory at this point, or even logical really.  Seems these third babies grow a bit faster than the others.  Or at least mine is.  (And as a side note, maternity snow pants, do they exist?… any solutions to wrapping up these legs and growing trunk of mine in a way that keeps the snow and cold off?  This lingering snow is requiring such a thing and suspenders are not in my realm of interest, even I have limits.)

So, with out further ado- a quick glimpse of our recent days.  I promise there is more to come, but for now this will have to do!

IMG_0336 IMG_0331 IMG_0321 IMG_0319

Since moving into our home, our real live home, one of my favorite things to do has been watch how the sunlight shifts about the room and on the forest floor.  These barren trees do such a lovely job of casting shadows on the unprinted crusty snowbanks.  Our easterly facing wall of windows is so helpful in shading stripes on every surface, and since painting a good majority of my downstairs turqoise the light has become even more spectacular on the inside.

IMG_0311 IMG_0337

With so much more to come, it is good to be back.  I can’t wait to share our days and dreams here in this spot.

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