the mud of mud season

We are starting to feel a rhythm in our new home.  Unloading boxes is no longer the day’s agenda, and the temperature is beckoning us out.  And out we do go!!  Into the mud, the slush, the thick watery snow. (I swear that rhyme was unintentional.)  It is lovely to feel the air on mittenless fingers and occasionally even take off my winter coat when the snow shoeing gets me sweaty.  I overheard someone at what I think could be my closest market commenting on how yesterday, in his opinion, was the first day of mud season.


So, in honor of my new home, and in honor of our first mud season, I thought I would give you a tour of our house room by room starting with the very appropriate mud room.  Ill let you in on what I photograph each day as the week goes on.  I was hoping for some better light, and I was hopiong for a cleaner space to show off, but if I waited for everything to line up I suppose this post would never come.

The mud room-

IMG_0381 IMG_0380 IMG_0384 IMG_0385

Miles and I hunted around the forest for the perfect piece of wood for this project.  He impressed me with his strength when we dragged the giant branches up the hill to our house.  My amazing mama came up with this idea on her week’s stint helping, cleaning, and keeping us joyful through the last week of chilly days (Fingers Crossed!).  We attached cool old brass door knobs and secured it to the wall with a few giant screws.  We also made a standing coat rack with ceramic drawer pulls for hangers but the stand is still in the process.

A few boot trays, an old crate, a flowery foot scraping mat and a couple of good spaces to sit and put on your rain/snow/sun/slush/melt gear and the room felt complete.  I can only imagine the mess that will occur on every surface of our home in the next few weeks.  The grooves in the road to our home are so deep you follow them unintentially.  The birds are chirping and my suet has disappeared (cage and all… I suspect fowl play… hahahaha).  I can only hope this well thought out mud room will help mitigate the onslaught of gooey earth strewn around our home.

IMG_0389We are all smiles these days, life really is so very exciting…

3 thoughts on “the mud of mud season

  1. Last week it was raining all day long and my backyard was so muddy and my daughter was walking with her muddy shoes all over the house. I am glad that it stops raining!Coulsdon Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

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