What I look forward to the most is showing you is the real reason we moved here.  I’d really like to be documenting the melting landscape that is revealing all sorts of lovely surprises.  Entire blackberry patches, forsythia bushes, horsetail, weeping trees, and so much more are poking their little tops out of the slushy snow.  One single tiny green bud has formed on the branches I brought in to force into bloom and with that ounce of color all my hope has returned.  So, to speed up the process, and get to writing about all of that, and taking photos outdoors (where this camera truly belongs) I’ll just show you the rest in one big hurry.

(Fair warning… I didn’t clean a bit and I am omitting some rooms on account a they are not at all set up and there is hardly anything in them anyways, and I am saving the garage/barn and massive DRY basement for another day)

Craft Room….

Basically my dream come true; An entire room dedicated to our crafting delight.  There will be lots of additions to this shabby dark room, but for now, with the sun shining longer each day (An expected 12 hours 48 minutes today! But who is counting), I suspect I have some time before this room needs to go back into full utility anyways.  Miles and Rowan really love having a table of their own with supplies in their reach.  I, on the other hand, am seeing first hand the lesson of imitation.  A neat and tidy crafter I am not, and it seems these boys follow suit, despite my repeated attempts to alter this path.  But, truth be told, I would trade the mess for the creative outcome any time, it is truly a joy to see a bird wreath, or paper flowers, or “our new home paintings” coming out of this room on a daily (hourly) basis.

IMG_0436 IMG_0437 IMG_0439

Guest Room

Come stay with us!  I mean, just look at these cozy quarters.  Really, there is little else to report about this room other than it is the spot where I am sitting right now.  In between sentences I push down another round of toast, I reach for a puzzle too high for little hands, I let out a little dog who has squirrel on her mind, and then I get to come back to this sea green, sunny room and finish up.  Not a bad way to start the day.  But, I promise I will put blogging on halt if you come visit.  You can have your peace in the morning.

IMG_0442 IMG_0443

One Big Sleeping Room

See that sunny window tilting over our heads?  After I got use to it’s being there, and stopped whacking my head on it every time we went to snuggle up for the evenings story hour, I have come to absolutely love this bit of outdoors shining through.  The night sky is unbelievable out here and being that I am a pregnant woman sleeping next to two crazy kids I have several opportunities a night to see my old friend Orion and that belt of his…  It really is soothing and the boys so love it too.  Maybe thats why they wake up every morning and immediately begin playing save the world from the asteroid…. hmmm……


Play Room

I have a vision of a cozy couch and a big oval rug up here.  I can imagine that next winter a lot of time will be spent up here with a nursing babe on my lap,  and a few active boys at my feet and I feel a soft space to rest on would be helpful.  The boys seem to love to play up here so long as they are not left alone.  I hear, “Miles, want to go upstairs with me?” and “Rowan! Come play!” quite often when they feel the need to don a cape or crown or dig in the toy chest to see whats good.  For one reason or another that whole flight of stairs is something neither wants to tackle solo yet, and its pretty endearing.


Oh this little speckle on the earth…  It is a good place to spend our days.


3 thoughts on “andalltherest

  1. I am so happy for you guys!! This looks amazing. Super exciting! I can’t wait to take up residence with 2 crazy girls at some point this summer.

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