the tasks of home ownership

Our hands are streaked black with mud and grease, cuts lining all creases.  Our legs are scratched and our shoulders pink.  Our muscles are sore to the touch.  Its been a long week or so of learning and working around this hill, and I can tell you we are full to the brim with the satisfaction of success.

IMG_0602 IMG_0604 IMG_0637

Oh their were minor set backs along the way, confusion and frustration mingling with despair even at times.  But with persistence, and lots of googling and the help of some seriously wonderful and resourceful neighbors, we have had a whole slew of opportunities to whoop and holler with delight!  And the king of it all, well it goes without saying- Even with (his final) final exams looming, a full time job and a family to love he trudged through some intensely dirty work with a smile on his face.  I would like to think that smile came from the revolving door of delicious foods and cans of beer being delivered to him, (sometimes even fed to him when his hands were just that messy) but who am I to take all the credit.  We truly are all very proud of him.

And best of all is seeing the imitation in our boys.  When listening to them play I hear oh so clearly the fruits of our labor.  Workers they are, and good ones at that.  While we busied ourselves with tasks of homeownership and vehicle “set backs”, these two explored freely, surely getting to know every stump, spot of moss, and stream on our plot of land.

IMG_0638 IMG_0617 IMG_0610 IMG_0607

Our jobs differ dramatically, but they all of equal in importance.  Without one, the others would never be as enjoyable.

3 thoughts on “the tasks of home ownership

  1. I love your blog, I love this post. There’s so much to enjoy, I can see why you’re proud. And how beautiful to see the reflection of your hard work and living authentically in your children!

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