the next chapter


a big man and his tiny dog…  

This past Thursday marked a magnificent milestone for our family.  One so grand we simply can’t see the deep impact it will have on us yet.  

My sweet, hard-working, loving, never tiring man graduated.  Working full-time, being a father, and a husband is a lot.  But doing it while in school, is a task not many would ever dare tackle, but this guy, he did it with grace.  I should mention this it is his third degree, the second since we have had children, so you can imagine the time we will have together once again, and how grateful we are.  I could see the relief in his every movement.  From his early turning in on Saturday night, his calmness with the boys when doing chore after chore outside, his content voice in the early hours when the sun shone on our cheeks and we rose before the first birds sang, it was like one gigantic sigh after another.  The kind of sigh with closed eyes, an upturned mouth, and pursed lips.  Perhaps a few tears from this pregnant lady were shed.  Maybe he knows, maybe he doesn’t, but I can say we had a simply marvelous weekend.  From start to finish.

Getting ready for our new little babies… 20 of them!

IMG_0766 IMG_0761

A much needed walk over all our property… We have been here about a month and time had not allowed such a luxury for Lee as of yet.
IMG_0694 IMG_0697 IMG_0698 IMG_0711 IMG_0727 IMG_0746 IMG_0749 IMG_0768 IMG_0772 IMG_0785 IMG_0787

It has been these little things, enjoyed to the maximum I assure you, but that I wasn’t aware were just a drop in the pond compared to how great they are when spent all together.  Falling asleep with a wide open window, cold starry air pouring into my nose and waking to a blue bird sky with nothing on our agenda but to fix this or that, build something, or just clean up a bit, is a gift I cannot describe here or anywhere in words.


It is good to have you back Lee, Congratulations.

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