the revolving spring door


The enthusiasm my boys have for decorating is immeasurable.  I read a post about the power of imitation by one of my good buddies up here in Vermont recently that gave me a bit of insight into the crafting obsession my  boys seem to possess.  The Spring decorating is in full force and it brings a whole new meaning to the word mess.  Upon demands from my oldest, bits and pieces of everything must be saved for crafting.  The little guy brings in every broken twig, lacy piece of moss, and crunchy leaf to add to the decor.  The combination, though creative and worthwhile for sure, is just plain old messy.  So what do I do?  Usually, after a few minutes of frustrated grunting on hands and knees picking up little pieces of trash, I plop down on my bottom, grab a piece of paper and a pastel or two and just add the the madness.  If you can’t beat em join em right?  But, in the process I have found a bit of inspiration.  Patches have been replaced on old jeans, knitting projects are moving along swiftly, my drop spindle is dropping less, and my cat drawings have become something to envy, sort of.  Needless to say, the warm then cold days of spring give us a true chance to enjoy both sides of the door fully and it feels quite good.

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