The requests always come moments after supper when the bedtime waltz has already begun, or upon the suns firsts rays when I am still peeling my slumbering eyes open, or my personal favorite- when we are about to pack up and head out the door for grocery shopping or some other much planned out errand.  The ideas are always involved, asked with a breathless excitement, and inevitably involve a large clean up process.

And when an idea strikes me, I give myself the same treatment.  When my mind begins racing with an idea to create, the answer is almost always yes.  I envision a freshly baked plate of crisp golden muffins topped with powdered sugar, I dream about the rows needed to tend to on my latest knitting project, I keep my camera slung around my neck at all times, and of course, as an adult, I don’t hesitate.  I push aside less interesting tasks (laundry, dishes, picking up the tiny pieces of paper Rowan that peeled off the pastels… again) without batting an eye and get right to it.  And with this in mind, I try- to the very best of my ability- to give my children this same freedom.

Putting your soul out there into the world is not a want in life, but without a doubt a need.  With little to no instruction and lots of simple supplies available, the messes are so grand but the outcomes are even more staggering.  We are born with it.  Watching my husband trudge through years of school work with out much time to put his heart into something creative proved to me this void can be dangerous.  Just a few weekends of time left over under his belt, gives him the most powerful sigh of contentment, we can all see it.  Be it constructing, deconstructing, poetry, fiber, a patch of tended earth, or anything else, the world is waiting for you to leave your mark.

IMG_1019 IMG_1057 IMG_1062 IMG_1067 IMG_1079 IMG_1081

What have you been dreaming up?


3 thoughts on “create

  1. I made a corn bag the other day (just a simple fabric bag with feed corn in it), and a pillow for my son. I repotted some plants yesterday. Not sure what we will do today yet. Nice post!

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