its raining its pouring HAPPY MAY!


I am so grateful the precipitation is coming down in big wet drops rather than floating down from the sky in fluffy white flakes.  I am so honored to see this land around me green up.  It is magical.  I can see why these pastures are protected from development, because truly there isn’t much out there that compares.  Rolling hills of limes and kellys and siennas right outside my window.

IMG_1123 IMG_1120 IMG_1119 IMG_1116 IMG_1118 IMG_1111 IMG_1109IMG_1133

Not everyone is always thrilled about the rain… (I promise I took care of these tears right away… he is just so sweet I couldn’t help but snap one)


Another day of rain in the forecast but an informant of mine gave me a text this morning letting me know ramps are on the rise and as you saw above fiddleheads are popping their little heads up too… so rain or shine, out we will go!  

IMG_1128 IMG_1139

these reactions pretty much sum it up



6 thoughts on “its raining its pouring HAPPY MAY!

  1. Oh that cute little face. It’s a beautiful picture, even if it’s a bit heart-breaking (but luckily nothing a few kisses can’t solve)…

  2. Awe.. Poor wee one. I’m sure that in no time he will love the rain. That last picture reminds me of Greek comedy and tragedy masks 😉 be well.

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