eating colors

Our multi colored easter like eggs have been the focus of our days this week.  Waiting, watching, gathering and listening for the sounds of six new ladies to feel safe and comfortable enough to give us a gift has been the main attraction.  Oh, I would choose to wander off and do some other things, and we do, but the majority of yesterday and the day before were spent close to the “barn” peeping through the window, hoping.

IMG_1215 IMG_1218 IMG_1220 IMG_1221 IMG_1223 IMG_1224 IMG_1229

Coconut rice topped with fried rice and a vegetable concoction that makes me want to start the day with leftovers, was our simple supper last night, thanks to this magical field of ramps/wild leeks.  These bright green leaves are easy so spot.  They are easily the greenest things in the forest, patches of horsetail paling in comparison.  And their scent… it is undeniably of leek; A spicy, wild smell.  I have grand plans of pickling them today like this recipe calls for… but perhaps with a more readily available spice mixture.

IMG_1234 IMG_1241 IMG_1236

Immediately after I snapped this photo my sweet, innocent, little, boy announced with a smile, “This is one hell of a ramp field mama!”.  I didn’t hold back, I laughed and laughed and laughed.  I couldn’t help myself really.  This boy has some real enthusiasm and I wasn’t going to let four letters that were unknowing to him “bad” to him stomp that out.  Besides, he picked that up from somewhere.  I am going to blame the latest pop pop visit 😉

There is so much blooming in the forest.  Some things I can easily look up, or sometimes when I am lucky already know the name, like this trillium…


But others keep me up at night…. This one which so looks like nightshade, isn’t.  But of course being that it is dispersed amongst our treasured field of ramps, I can’t help but fixate.  Anyone familiar?  It has six petals, where nightshade (according to my ID books) has five….  Guesses and leads are very much appreciated!! ***UPDATE***  I think that it is blue cohosh!


Have a beautiful day!




4 thoughts on “eating colors

  1. Can’t help you on the plants, but I love the animal pictures. The cat one peeking in the door is great! And yes, our children mimic everything they see and hear, don’t they? 🙂

  2. Love the pictures. Any luck on that plant? It does look a lot like nightshade but the leaves seem wrong. They look more like my lavender mist meadow rue… Perhaps a species of meadow rue or another type of nightshade? I’ve torn through my mother ‘s books (she’s a master Gardner and used to work on a garden hotline).. No clue. Please keep us posted. I’m most intrigued. Be well.

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