love thy neighbor

Moving out to the country was a decision with many facets.  Would we be content with a rural lifestyle?  Would the long drives to desired activities be just too much?  Would we be lonely?  Would anyone even want to visit?  We thought deeply about all of these issues and clearly, we sided with the move.  So far it has proved a very, very wise choice for us.  But I don’t think we would feel so confident in our location if it weren’t for the neighbors surrounding us.  We made phone calls to all the surrounding houses before purchasing this home, to check and see if we would be a good fit for this “neighborhood”.  It makes me laugh now, for the folks we called with hopeful questioning couldn’t be more sweet, sincere and generous.

It truly baffles me to see the kindness of what should be strangers, for that they are not.  They are bright smiles, they are helping hands, they are heaps of information, and they are friends.  We are feeling so loved in this little corner.  One neighbor in particular has welcomed us with open arms to a point of no return.  After inviting us over for a delicious meal the moment our moving truck pulled in, this family has not stopped giving.  Lending a hand with a tractor, watching our boys, sharing laughs, and many meals since, we can now call these lovely folks friends.

Yesterday my mama neighbor friend called me up to help play sheep midwife and I can’t tell you how happy this made me.  To know she trusted me enough to be by her side at such a real moment filled me with joy.  I didn’t want to let her down either!  I searched my brain for memories of working on the goat farm many years ago and sure enough we did just fine.  Little Sue the Ewe gave birth to a beautiful white fluffy lamb with dark black markings around her eyes and a stong beating heart and instincts that blew my mind.  Out of breath and dirty my sweet neighbor and I high-fived and hugged recounting the event many times over as we shared yet another meal.  It was a glorious day.


My fear of being lonely has long dissipated since experiencing all there is to be done with goals as lofty as ours (or in any home owner situation really) and even more so upon the realization that we have friends so dear just around the bend.  I suppose it doesn’t matter if you live deep in the city or deep in the woods neighbors make all the difference.  Confidence that help will arrive with a late night call when a child is sick or simply borrowing a cup of milk when your batter is already half mixed is so very comforting, and these folks have surely given us this gift.  For a gift it is to feel safe and supported and loved.

7 thoughts on “love thy neighbor

  1. Oh I love this post! The feeling of being part of a community is priceless. While I liked or neighborhood in the city, there was much more moving in and out (university city with overly expensive houses for young couples to buy), so it was hard to make connections. So when we moved to a more rural region, (for the same reason I mentioned above) it was so great to find a strong community with good, local shops and people who are friendly and willing to talk. For that reason I look forward sending my boy to school, as it is an opportunity for him and us to connect with people who live close, something I always missed and really enjoy now. This is a really beautiful post, I loved reading it!

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