Something to grow on

For Rowan’s birthday, we had intended on giving him a Mountain Ash Tree, better known as a Rowan Tree.  It was ordered weeks before the big day, but unbeknownst to me the delivery wouldn’t be untill after our last expected frost date (June 6th! Oh My!).  While the tree would have been safe much earlier, we had to wait.  This weekend the skinny little two leaved sapling finally arrived.  The four of us scouted out a lovely spot where the tree could branch out to its hearts content and we could see the beautiful little red berries every autumn.  Rowan was pleased with his birthday tree and Miles was overjoyed to help.  We are hoping for a nice open grown climbing tree one day.

IMG_1913 IMG_1910 IMG_1909

There is something very permanent and comforting about planting a tree.  When I was born, a magnolia tree was planted in my parents front yard.  When they arrived home from the hospital with their little baby in arms, their house was scattered with pink balloons, some tied to the spindly little magnolia.  Every spring my parents call to tell me about the tree that comes into bloom first.  It is a very special event.  Three full moons in to our new home, a garden sowed, a tree planted, a season passed, a new one begun and this place really feels like home.

Another flock is settling into their new home too…  


The babies have joined the layers in the coop.  This morning, the first morning of all togetherness for them, much to my surprise as soon as I sleepily swung the door open the fluttering wings came flying at my head raring to get out and find some morning goodies.  They came so fast and furious I had to duck!  Nothing like 23 chickens flying at your head to get your day started.  There are still some kinks to work out in the new sleeping arrangement…(they don’t quite know their home yet… we spent quite some time chicken wrangling last night),  but in a few nights I believe things will work out quite nicely.

Oh yes, things are coming together around here.  Our to do lists are matching the length of the day (very long!), our weekends are full, marshmallows are being toasted regularly and we are all generally quite thrilled with our day-to-day.


Happy Monday!

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