mothering the mother

It seems here in Vermont during the cold months we do just as the bears do: We hibernate.  The comfort of four walls and a wood stove around us is too good and too necessary to stray far from.  But then the weather turns, and this land comes alive; both with the greenest green I have every laid eyes on and with events and parties and people everywhere.  This weekend, the solstice weekend, was no different.  And lucky for me, it was spent in the presence of the most spectacularly relaxing women, with families I truly have grown to love, and my dear sweet boys.  There was the history expo, complete with children carrying their prized chickens and ducks, and a “pig” herding event (only in VT), a blessingway for myself and my girl, and a gathering of friends at our not so well prepared, and very messy home. (A spectacular afternoon and evening none the less)

IMG_2158 IMG_2159 IMG_2157

The blessingway went beyond my expectations, I still can’t stop smiling about it.  I have not had one with my two other pregnancies and I can tell you with certainty this is not a tradition that should be limited to the hippies in your crowd.  The pressure of expensive, contrived gift giving is off, the activities planned are very meaningful, and well, the mother is treated like a queen and I can’t imagine anyone complaining about that.  (For first time mama’s, who are lacking in baby clothes and carseats and other gear they would like to start out this portion of life, why not have both a baby shower and a blessingway?  I know my shower with Miles was very wonderful and I was beyond grateful to not have to spend any money on preparations.) The blessingway lasted all day long, and I think we could all have agreed we could have continued like that for days.  Quite honestly, I have never felt so good being pregnant before.  Perhaps it is the third go at, perhaps this little soul inside me is so gentle its able to guide me on a quieter, more peaceful journey, or maybe its the beautiful, talented midwife I have by my side, or maybe its just my surroundings telling me, this is good, this is so right, your body is amazingly strong.  It is probably a combination of all of them, but I can promise you, it feels so very good.

IMG_2135 IMG_2132 IMG_2131

Even one more reason this pregnancy has been so good to me, is because of my sweet friend Caitlyn.  Instant friends she called us;  And she couldn’t have been more correct in her description.  She was the other mama honored last Saturday, and being pregnant at the same time as her has made all the little rough patches, so much smoother.


I hope your solstice weekend was filled with light and fireflies and so much joy.  

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