the nature mandala



The overload of perennials growing tall all around our home has led to a lot of gathering.  I have no rules whatsoever on what can be plucked, bouqeted, displayed, or sniffed.  There is just too much space to be weeded and tended, and I am just too big and awkward to mind, and frankly, this year I threw in the towel and am just on complete observation mode.  So, we hunt down the prettiest of colors, gather them by the basketful, and emulate a beautiful art form I learned from reading about THIS artists travels and workshops.  It is so impossibly relaxing and also quite addicting.  The children find it to be thrilling beyond words and I hear it’s catching on in their own homes now too…


The nature mandala.  Something to behold.  An effort of one or of the masses.  

And these four….  I love watching them create together, no matter the media preference of the moment.  They are quite the team.  

IMG_2243 IMG_2225 IMG_2229



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