holding Jasper

The Vireo we so admired the day of Jasper’s birth has been swooping in and out of our sight the last few days.  Fledgling no more, this little fellow has swooping skills.  He claims the tree known as “Miles friend”, giving my boy a smile of pride.  He is settling in, just as we are.  With many visitors (a.k.a supper cookers, diaper changers, baby holders, and little boy wrestlers) in and out of our doors things have been continuously exciting, and undeniably enjoyable.   Yes, I have taken only three showers since the addition of our third, and sure, my hair looks like hell, and well I can be honest when I say I have only two outfits that fit… (oh the in between post partum stage… thank goodness for the “glow”???).  I can only envision my state when all the helpers head home.

Yesterday, I had a mere half day as a mama of three, with those three boys all to myself, and though the time was short-lived, I feel like it went better than I anticipated.  It must be the myelin sheath my friends and family are lending me while my mama nerves are bare from broken up sleep and draining oxytocin.  I am so grateful for them.

IMG_2951 IMG_2953 IMG_2859

The lovely lady holding Jasper above was our baby catcher, under the supervision of a very experienced and nothing if not truly magical midwife.  Her “first” catch.  I am honored to be part of journey to midwifery, and holding Jasper is a memory that surely she will keep forever.


And one last note:  Hand knits don’t always go as planned.  Oh Jasper, you are handsome no matter, but this number?  It just makes me giggle. 


3 thoughts on “holding Jasper

  1. Thank you for continuing to share and write. I find myself so excited when there is a new post and new pictures. Even before beautiful Jasper was born. You always give me something to think about and I usually pass on bits and pieces to my friends and family!

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