growing over

Gaggles of cucumbers, beans (of the rattlesnake pole and purple bushing varieties),  sweet pea flowers, yellow patty pan squash, a mountain of purple cabbage, a few measly zucchini, a handful of daikon radish, and herbs out my ears… yes indeed, it turns out our garden produced after all.  While surely next year with the addition of some compost and minus a few trees giving half the garden far too much shade we will see even more yield, we can all say with pride that our garden was successful and made us quite happy for our first year.  Though it is stacked high with weeds, the pumpkin, zucchini and butternut squash are so tangled I can’t tell one from the other, and both successions of my radishes were attacked by nasty maggots, over all there were more successes than failures.

IMG_3001 IMG_2996 IMG_3000 IMG_2998

My boys and I planted some lettuce and spinach this morning.  Hopefully there will be enough time for them to thrive before the days get too cool.  The mornings lately have given us a reminder that fall is indeed nigh.  So grow you little greens, give us one last taste of summer!

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