what we do

Yes, I have survived till Wednesday!  It seems with the number of children I have running under foot the only option is to give myself over entirely.  There is no in between about it right now.  And, until exhaustion ensues, it is working.  It is not so bad really it turns out.  The “extra” stuff can wait, and these boys stay out of trouble if there is a lady with a baby dashing after them periodically.

So, this is what it has looked like (minus the mess, that there is lots and lots of.  But surely that is not worth documenting)

Mushrooming.  Haven’t found a thing resembling the trumpeted chanterelle, but it has’t stopped us that is for sure!  Hours have been spent calling after these mushrooms in a facetious tone, “Come heeere chantrelles, we prooomise we wont eaaaaat you!!”  


A walk in the woods always leads to a few additions to the clutter of our nature table…


Many times it entails a sketch of our findings…


A watched pot never boils, but a watched ice cream maker… apparently that will still work out just fine.  This one will park himself in front of the magical churner and sing, “My mommy is making ice cream!” for the entire duration…


There is some seriously sweet baby cuddle time…


Lots of craziness…


And, when the going gets touch we watch parkour.  Yes.  This is the best stuff ever.  And apparantly quite inspiring; Rowan drew a picture for his pen pal yesterday which was titled, “Me freestyle walking while my eyebrows are on fire”.  




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