crazy baby face

August is a time of work for the largest man of the house.  It just ist that way.  And when the time calls for him to go to work, so does it for me.  Just the nature of the beast when you make the choice to stay at home.  This year, with this third little addition to our family, it is a bit daunting, but I have a secret…  One that seems to be working for me.

Give yourself over completely.  

It feels a little awkward at first.  It makes me a little crabby when I know a lot of my dreams will remain just that, for now at least.  It sometimes is a tiny bit maddening, when you realize you haven’t a “grown up” conversation in days.  But honestly, the blow ups seem to have slowed, and the number of smiles increased since this decision was made.  What does this look like?  Nothing really, other than empty jars from the food I intended to put up, stagnant knitting, simple meals of sautéed veggies and eggs most every night, and an extra cup of coffee in attempts to keep up the with boys.  Oh yes, and most importantly the house is a mess.  A creative mess.  But, none the less a large, disastrous mess.  And for some reason, every single thing we do tends to have a theme song.  Very often it is Mr. Petty’s, “free-falling”.  Why?  I can’t answer that with certainty.  It might have something to do with the lack of sleep.  But it works.

IMG_3067 IMG_3068 IMG_3073

Red winged black bird…  I just love the paintings of my almost five-year old… so interesting to see recognizable figures emerging.  

IMG_3083 IMG_3079

beaming pride  Ignore the horrific hair cut.  I am not sure what happened, and I can’t blame the boys.  

IMG_3085 IMG_3086

And a few crazy baby faces for good measure.

Happy Monday!  Let the games begin!


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