house crashing

Some days I can’t help but concentrate on all that is wild in our days, the things that are bubbling up out of hand: The state of our house for instance… replacing old carpets with wood floors + emptying the contents of the craft room = a terrifying mess, or the height of our laundry pile (it just so happens to be directly behind said disaster area and therefore quite out of reach and remaining just what it is, a pile), or the layer of dirt firmly packed across our entire house… it rivals the outdoors, I swear.  Sometimes, these hurdles are too much to jump and in the end the chaos of it all just brings us down.

Other days I opt to focus on only what I am doing right, the things that are running smoothly.

I know we excel at just being outdoors.  Things are always in order here, just as they should be.

IMG_3131 IMG_3135 IMG_3139 IMG_3174 IMG_3184 IMG_3186 IMG_3194

But when things get really out of hand, even a day outside in the elements doesn’t change our state of mind.  Sometimes we just have to pack and up and get out.  And yesterday, I did precisely this.  I friend-house hopped all day long, sharing meals and stories and essentially avoiding my own place of dwelling due to the unruly state of it.  These girls were the casing on my heart.  We left at 9 and didn’t return until almost twelve hours later.  It was absolutely wonderful.

IMG_3219 IMG_3216 IMG_3220

At the end of my friend house crashing tour, when laughing at my refusal to return home until after dark if only to avoid the sheer thought of it, the husband of one of my sweet girls’ simply said, “That’s what we have our tribes for.”  Truer words couldn’t be spoken.  

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