heading on home

After a good long trip “down south” to the seashore, I am feeling quite ready to seem my house on a hill.  Of all my rentals across this big old country of ours, I am yet to truly miss one the way I am missing this house of our own.  It feels quite different to know that something is truly yours.  My little boys and Iare also beginning to crave a little certainty in our days, some sort of rhythm to our weeks.  And after some familial support, some really good, home cooked meals (not by me) and lots of help in our everyday, it feels good to be heading on back.  I feel ready.  Of course, I am taking my mother with me, so the transition will be smooth and graceful, but still… stepping foot inside my garden, seeing my home, hugging my husband… I just can’t wait.

IMG_3404 IMG_3396 IMG_3355 IMG_3316 IMG_3318

a good hearty dose of the sea changes everything

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