a whole lot of noise

His moves just can’t be denied, our boy has a passion for dance.  Though is confidence keeps him behind the curtain for a crowd when it is just the five of us, or in the structure of his class, he moves to the music and you can feel the joy shoot out from those jazz hands.  He loves it.  Yesterday he started his first only tap class, previously he had been in a mixed dance class with very little kids, and oh my the excitement.  Onto the big room coated in mirrors!  Girls in their tutus! “Big” kids!  He laced up his shoes with pride, took note of the classy outfits and scampered off  on to the shiny, slippery floor.  He lined up with a seriousness I haven’t seen from him in his five years.  Of course my heart burst with pride at his bravery.  The kid did all right too.  And as only a mama can, I pumped him up with compliments that floated him all the way home.  We decided our new bamboo floors lining our craft room (so its been officially deemed) can now double as a tapping room, rather than banishing him to the concrete basement to let those feet fly.  I haven’t broken the news yet, but I am quite sure it will be greeted with a whole lot of noise.

IMG_3611 IMG_3610 IMG_3609

Wish me luck.

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