woodpiles and baby slings

If it were not for these two things I would get very little done.  Woodpiles to keep the bigger boys busy, (How can one come up with so many scenarios for a log of wood? Apparently quite easily if you are a little boy.) and slings to keep this sweet baby close.  If you have a little one around, chances are you do the same.  After three boys I seem to have stockpiled a number of options.  Ring sling, wraps, a woven mei tai, and an ergo.  A sling to suit all occasions.

IMG_2040 IMG_1871 IMG_1855 IMG_1840 IMG_2812



6 thoughts on “woodpiles and baby slings

  1. ohh, so precious. The picture with the green beans brings back memories of just last year when Panda was an itty bitty They grow up so fast 😦 Your newest wee one is so adorable (as are your others). I’ve been busy and am starting to get back into the swing of blogging, so a belated congratulations to you. Be well. 🙂

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