Eight dollars of apples, bruised up fallen ones plucked right off the ground made a whole mess of food.  Four quarts of sauce, 3 quarts of vinager, 2 pies and a lot of easy snacking.  In some orchards, this time of year, you can get bushels for next to nothing if you look down instead of up.  This has been our thing these past few years.  Before the frost comes and before the slugs take ’em over we barge in and clean up the lot of them.


I made my vinegar from wild fermentation, by the fermenting guru, Sandor Katz.  If you don’t have this, you should sprint to your library, like now.  The cider is so easy, and massively rewarding.  I roasted the apples whole (a mixture of grimes golden, macintosh, and hewes) until fork tender and just sent them through a food mill to make the sauce, what was leftover, the apple carcass as we were calling them, was used to make the apple cider vinegar.  Amongst all the other amazing things you can do with apple cider vinegar I have been rinsing my hair in it and I can promise you, nothing on the market compares.  I typically have straw for hair, and with just a little bit of this magic fall scented liquid it transforms into something a Disney princess would envy.  I promise.  Oh these apples went a long way, I even froze a few pies this year!  And I will tell you a secret, the last pie that came out of the oven had a layer of almond paste over the bottom crust and oh my, oh my, this one would knock your boots off.


Apples galore!  What have you been doing with the apples in your neighborhood?

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