holiday weekends

The toboggan: Waxed and slick, begging for a go.  Her simplicity is her beauty.  Yes, this has been the center of our outdoor time these days.  The snow has been every texture imaginable since the land has turned white.  Hard as ice, shattering like glass under our boots, soft as a down comforter, thick and heavy slush, impossible to shovel.  The forecast is predicting much more of the latter in the next few days.  Much more.

IMG_4666 IMG_4667 IMG_4685

Our weekend was a holiday filled time.  The older two boys are at an age where their enthusiasm for the choosing of a tree is contagious, their awe at the beauty of twinkling lights is enviable, and their contentment with these simple traditions is something to behold.  It is truly a joy to be celebrating this season in our home, the home where we have our feet planted firmly.  I envision the years to come in the very spot I am, with these boys growing tall, and it makes me so proud.

IMG_4650 IMG_4702 IMG_4720 IMG_4729 IMG_4761 IMG_4479

Have you been listening to Martin and Sylvia’s advent?  If not, you should!  Our boys weren’t quite there last year, but this year they are just perfectly content to sit at the table, mug of hot cocoa at their side, crafting in progress, listening to the days of this pair of brother and sister.  

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