crafting for and after

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It appears the making of holiday gifts inspired just that: More making!  Wood carving, clay sculptures, pipe cleaner masterpieces, colored pencil blending, and even knitting.  Oh, it feels good to hear the click and clack of my needles again.  I am knitting the bonsai socks from knitted socks east and west.  A gift from my thoughtful mama.  And the pretty turquoise cotton blend is fed right out my new birdy yarn bowl, a gift from equally thoughtful mama-in-law.  Our area has had a bit of a thaw int he last few days allowing everyone to scurry to jobs they meant to tend to before the snow came but never found the time, and to try and store up a bit of vitamin D, even if in the briefest amounts.  Now the temperature is dropping again and teeny tiny flakes are falling as we speak.  The size flakes where with one glance out the window you know its frigid out there.  And with that, I am quite sure the making will continue.

Someone asked in the comments last week what crafts we did at the solstice party and I plumb forgot to answer her!  So here you are my friend; little woolen lambs with pipe cleaner frames wrapped in roving, pomanders, and paper lanterns.  

Here is to a relaxing few days before we head “south” for some time by the seashore… and perhaps even a dip to ring in the new year. 

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