coffee on the left -a quick update-

My camera hasn’t been in tote lately.  My hands have been full of other things, particularly cup of coffee in left and baby on hip on right.  My free time has been graciously spent laughing with loved ones, sitting around this table or that counter, munching on an olive or a bar of chocolate, occasionally a glass of wine touching my lips.  The temperatures have dipped far below zero the last few days and nights and we are feeding the wood stove like the hungry dragon that it is.  I will admit, this time inside, with only enough gusto for fifteen minutes rolling down a hill here, or a quick wood run there, is welcome.  The cozy fireside is beckoning us and we are more than willing.

IMG_5032 IMG_5021 IMG_2565

That is not to say I haven’t enjoyed a bit of the briskness the season has to offer during these dark days.  I was reminded just hours before the main event to welcome 2015, (my most favorite tradition of all) after voicing some concerns over the deep temperatures and a possible cold onset, what if I had a bad year?  I would always wonder if it was because I didn’t plunge.  Well I couldn’t have that.

(from left to right; Hadleys man friend, Hadley- the most accountable plunger of all, my little neighbor always and forever, yours truly, and the boldest Columbian Woman I am so proud to call my sister)

IMG_5071 IMG_5056 IMG_5082

And now, with six lovely kids under our roof and a whole lot of dishes to keep up with this is all the update I can afford.  Our sweet friends are visiting and it brings so much joy to my heart!!

IMG_5116 IMG_5126 IMG_5127

Happy New Year!!!!  

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