a real wednesday

A seriously sweet reader commented yesterday that my house seemed so peaceful.  I realized oh so quickly, that that is indeed what yesterdays post lead one to believe!  While yes, at times there are glimmers of peace within these walls, and in general we live simply enough to extract the maximum amount of peace one could imagine, the reality is this is really, truly NOT the way I would describe my household.  So, I ran around the house today with my camera and took a few quick snapshots to portray a more accurate image of our mornings.

IMG_5360 IMG_5361 IMG_5362 IMG_5365 IMG_5367 IMG_5370 IMG_5371 IMG_5378 IMG_5379

(Two pics of from the bottom is a Rowan who is really mad that his butter melted, nothing unusual, and brother telling him “shush he is hurting his ears”  Ahh… the sounds of peace)

Excited, immersed in make believe, messy, creative, genuine, musical, theatrical, comical, and generally really loud is more like it.  Thank you Jessie for the compliment.  I do think we have moments of peace, but I had to show the other side too, just in case someone was curious.

4 thoughts on “a real wednesday

  1. Yep.. First commenter had it right. That’s one beautiful peaceful house. Sometimes peace is found in what others would deem chaos 😉
    “Please excuse the mess, the children are making memories”

  2. Looks just like my house right now!!! Thanks for keeping it real. When the kids are off from school for a week, I focus on keeping them happy and not on keeping my house clean. Tomorrow I’m diving in when they go back. : )

    ~ Wendy

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