a hankering for lentils

We woke Sunday morning with that familiar feeling in our limbs that today would be the day.  After our bellies were full of warm creamy oats, Miles and I strapped on our snow shoes and headed out into the chalk drawing scene in our back yard.  The powdery snow filled our cuffs as we tumbled down the hill towards the frozen stream. Crossing was treacherous, one wrong step and a small body could sink up to their neck.  Alls well that ends well and we stood in the still air of the pasture.  Tracks from a bounding deer, no less than eight feet apart had us rolling as we envisioned Finn McCool paying us a visit.  The sun felt warm.  15 isn’t so bad when a ray of light sticks to your chin.  It is especially acceptable when you have knowledge of a 37 degree day in your future.  Yes, It was the fall down on your knees, eyes brimmed with tears, thankful-so thankful for the turning of the earth, day.

IMG_5615 IMG_5624 IMG_5588 IMG_5603 IMG_5595 IMG_5628 IMG_5584

The temperatures have dropped back down, deep down.  -24 upon rising this morning.  This time though the indoors are a bit more welcomed as we know their days are numbered.  Soon we will be spending every waking moment under the blue sky soaking up all that mud and thick wet air.  We are keeping busy with woodworking projects, and pouring over seed catalogs.  We are baking and stirring thick hearty soups.  One in particular that was more remarkable than any other this season.  This was because it was a first meal.  Our nearly seven month old Jasper has scoffed at all things solid until this one was served up.  Much to our surprise our boy had a hankering for some lentils.  I thought it was appropriate to share.


Rosemary Red Soup

(Ever so slightly adapted from) Feeding the whole family

3 carrots chopped

1 beet chopped

1 onion diced

1 clove garlic

1 tsp rosemary (dried or fresh)

1 cup red lentils

2 bay leaves

5 cups of chicken stock

2 tablespoons light miso

Saute the carrots, beets, garlic, and onions in olive oil for about five minutes.  Add the rosemary and lentils until the smell creeps into your nose and they are good and toasty.  Add the stock and bay leaves and a touch of salt and pepper.  Not too much though, the miso is salty too.  After about 30 minutes, when the veggies are good and soft puree in the blender in small batches removing the bay leaves first.  Add the miso, stirred in a touch of water to dilute.  Serve with a crusty loaf to deserving (babies) folks.

One thought on “a hankering for lentils

  1. That is a good cookbook – I received it as a gift when my daughter was born. We’ve been eating a lot of lentils around here. I’m munching on a curried apple potato green lentil salad at the moment. Sounds kinda weird, but is really tasty. Sometime kids really surprise you with what they’ll eat!

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