hey there mr. porcupine

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Every now and then there is a perfect snowy day. One in which there are very few tears by the three-est among us. One where a silent babe is content for the entirety of our walk, snug on my back. One in which we make some seriously fun discoveries.  Where our voices can be heard echoing off these hills in chorus singing, “The ants go marching” and my personal favorite, “99 bottles of beer on the wall”.  The chanting helps us keep going when the going gets tough.

Yesterday while we were clearing out bird boxes in anticipation for flocks jouneying north and leaving out bread wreathes for those who stayed, we caught sight of the good old porcupine who is munching away happily on a hemlock in our back yard.  He is a big one too, and as cute as he is amazing.  Did you know they have 30,000 quills????

How bout that for some thursday trivia.

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