one year later and a sunday glimpse

An unusual Sunday afternoon…

IMG_5902 IMG_5904

I wonder where else these boys will dream up for us to try.   


One year ago we spent our first day in this lovely little house on the hill.  That night, we all piled onto our mattress under the skylight in our bedroom  listening to the noises of a new house, comforted by each others breathing echoing of bare walls and feeling the light of the full moon on our skin.


All those moons later.  Hard to believe how much has changed and how quickly a year can travel.  

3 thoughts on “one year later and a sunday glimpse

  1. Happy 1 year anniversary!! I can’t help but think about what friends said to us 14 years ago when we moved into our current house. “New house, new baby!!” Our son Brendan was born 14 months later. : ) I guess it was the same for you and your honey. Brendan was our third son as well, by the way!! LOL!! Have a wonderful day!!

    ~ Wendy

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