just not the weather

In attempts to not talk about the weather I am reporting on pillowcases.  For when I stepped outside this morning, I saw 4 fresh inches of snow over the land and my eyes nearly popped out of my skull.

So pillowcases it is; And nothing fancy either, these are more like pillow prisoners as there is no way out.  Sewed em right in.  The blue fabric is the same fabric as the ring sling I just made,  (my favorite “I am really not a sewer” project).   And the elephant print fabric was on a roll from a good friend who handed it off to be before it made its way into the donation bin.  I am glad she did.

IMG_6045 IMG_6046 IMG_6048

And now in response to the pleading of two very good ladies in my life, I am on the hunt for a slip cover for grandmas old couch, despite my unusual attachment to the buttons that will be covered up on the backrest.  I call her kahki, they call it dirty.  Potato Potaaato, that’s what I say.   Unfortunately I am almost completely incapable of simple decision making and choosing a slip cover color is so paralysing I am envisioning this taking quite some time.  Oh I guess I will save it for a rainy daaayyyyy……

2 thoughts on “just not the weather

  1. I vote white cotton duck and dye it shibori style. You could even use an indigo color

    Miss you friend, thinking of you as summer begins here

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