turning corners

It seems lately this boy of mine is growing into his own little body.  His feet are long and thin and skinny, his elbows and knees are as knobby as an old apple tree, and his hair is thick and reminiscent of Dr. Seuss’ truffala trees; A fluff of teased wool atop a brown little head.

Yesterday morning he helped me make these scones.  Oh my they were mini, but so crunchy, delicious.  The corner he turned this time around the sun gave him the focus to stir and sift and whisk and quite frankly be of real help.  He herds his little brothers along, playing games and telling jokes to sweeten their sometimes sour moods.  And my latest favorite; the mask craze he has begun.  A mask for all occasions my friends.  A mask for all moods.


And sometimes the mood isn’t ideal.  I see itty bitty glimpses of sass and it hurts because I know it comes from me.  I hear the frustration in his voice at the littler ones after a long day of being the biggest and I feel for him.  I do. Until I don’t of course.  Sigh…  But I suppose that goes without saying.


With 60 on the docket, preparations for the many new critters around this place to come are in full force.  And now I am off to fill my lungs full of fresh breezy spring air.  The boys have beat me to the chase (though I got out for a morning run before Lee headed off to work so technically I won… but who is counting…) and Jasper and I are soon to join, jug of coffee in tote!

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