the biggest yes

Carving out time for me and this greening world around, despite the six blue marbley eyes staring me down…

IMG_6451 IMG_6453 IMG_6455 IMG_6456 IMG_6458 IMG_6460 IMG_6462 IMG_6467 IMG_6469

is only feasible with clear intention.  

This year the gardens are beginning to feel like my own.  Rearranging this, or tearing out that, doesn’t feel like much of an insult to its previous tenders anymore.  Raking through the fenced in area we can truly call our own, feels like greeting an old friend.  Planting garlic last fall was such a great decision, seeing something green really coming up is very, very exciting.

Finding time to scoop up some composting maple leaves, or weed out the asparagus bed is not easy, but it’s happening.  The spinning wheel, and knitting needles, and quite frankly a clean house are being put by the wayside.  I am letting go of fancy meals and very often anything other than scrambled eggs and toast for supper is rare.

I was recently given a very special gift.  A simple question really.  A question that helps sort out all those hopes and dreams, especially when your time is spread so thin, and the reality of what can be done in a day is very, very real.

What is the biggest “yes”?

The biggest yes for me, right now, is getting some dirt under my nails.  It is the biggest yes by far.  It is the yes that makes me grin just proof reading this.  It is the yes I dream about when I go to sleep, and I mull over with my morning coffee.  I have the freedom to change that yes at any point and that in itself is freeing.  And for now, I am off to the garden.

What is your biggest yes?  

2 thoughts on “the biggest yes

  1. So dear about the six eyes staring you down. How can you concentrate in such an adoring environment? I’m glad the garden is becoming yours, I daresay you are growing on each other. I did some raking yesterday and my four youngest all got filthy playing in the load of topsoil we have sitting on the driveway. Yesterday this family took a total of 11 baths or showers in one day!!!

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