If there is a month of the year we are twiddling our thumbs, thinking up things to fill our days, May is not it.  The rush of getting things into the ground and raising things up is as crazy as it is wonderful.  So much wood to move and chop, so many seedlings to harden off, so much to get! in! the! ground!


IMG_6512 IMG_6502

Lee and I found ourselves taking advantage of the orange full planting moon (its the planting moon!  did you know they each have names?) last night hammering together our freshly painted bee box and frames.  And let me tell you, happiness is sliding in sheets of combed wax and securing them in place to the tune of baby chicks cheeping, standing next to the man you love.  Oh, and to complete the scene I should add, hammering while belting out Otis Redding songs is a multi tasking feat that could be marked needs improvement on my report card.  (It’s harder than you think!)

IMG_6550 IMG_6561 IMG_6545IMG_6570

My budding photographer taking pictures at a story telling event.

A full weekend.  A bright sunshiney monday morning.  Who could ask for anything more? Oh maybe just a new to me mini van?  Oh yes I could ask for that too!


Oh yes.

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