blisters and baseball

This little guy has been skipping from base to base for two weeks now and it just about brings me to my knees.  And while our Tuesday and Thursday nights are full of base running and teeing up, most of our daylight hours have been dedicated to the garden.

My heart. As big as a hot air balloon.

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Last week my neighbor plowed a (REALLY REALLY) huge parcel of our pasture for me.  While I envisioned big fat rows, his machine just doesn’t do that and it ended up well… overwhelmingly large.  If you are not familiar with plowing, it is just flipping of grass in big strips.  Imagine the sod you lay out on a lawn, simply flipped over and your job is to haul it out.  With three kids clinging to your knees.  My method felt insane.  With Jasper on my back it was laughable.  I hacked out manageable chunks of grass and heaved them to the outskirts of the garden and the boys clawed out the worms.  It was the best plan I could come up with.  I am sure you will believe me when I say I developed blisters that popped and bled and calloused overnight.  And then, after two days of hard work I had approximately 5 % of it done.  With rain in the forecast and the high possibility of that fertile land sprouting grass as quick as it was flipped, and desperately wanting to claim defeat, I called for help.  My neighbor on the other side came along with his roto-tiller and finished the job, to a degree that was much more workable.  It is still a gigantic undertaking, and I am not entirely sure why or what I am doing, but doing it I am.

All these boys are aware of my intentions and determination.  They have certainly listened and that is why I wasn’t surprised when two umbrellas were generously given to me this mothers day. Two umbrellas to shade little heads so I can garden without worry of sun burns.  Also, two cups of coffee in bed, two delicious promise cards with intentions of chucking rocks out of my newly tilled garden, and two lovely hours spent in solitude making long thin mounds to place my seedlings. Though this holiday is certainly chock full of expectation, totally loaded some might say, mine was at least a little sweet and a little calm this go at it. Their effort was sincere, and these boys showered me with all the love they could muster up. I am a lucky lady, I feel quite sure of this.


In my wildest dreams I have a field full fragrant, wispy cut flowers ready for the market.  Arranging these little jewels in tiny glasses of water brings me such joy.  Wish me luck!

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