the garden

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The lilacs have just finished their jobs, but not before I could squeeze out one last vase of sweet smelling spring.  The most recent days have been cool; Cool enough for a fire even!  But the warm days before were enough to bring on the radish maggots.  I had to yank dozens.  Luckily we got to enjoy a few of those colorful spicy treats before the end was near.  This year I planted The valentines mix and the easter egg mix.  I will try to plant them EVEN earlier next year, to avoid those underground critters.  My eggplant starts were munched to bits before I could even get them into the ground!  So, knowing how precious those little purple globes are, I went to a nearby farm and picked out a few more to set in the ground.  It was really fun to visit another farm, and see how they do things.  This area is so full of them, it seems like you could visit a new one each week and never visit the same one twice in a year.

We have eaten a few salads from the garden now too which is beyond exciting.  I have a few different types of lettuce and spinach to mix in.  The other day, when we arrived home there was a giant bag of fresh greens on my porch step; A lovely gift from an egg exchange I supposed.  There is nothing quite as satisfying as eating fresh spicy bitter greens in the beginning of spring.  I remember last year, big and pregnant craving this so hard, I about ate the maple leaves right off the trees.  Thinking of this has given me a good giggle more than once.

We built a little sand box just outside my garden gate for trucks and building and digging.  It has been satisfactory for all the boys, and unfortunately a delicious treat for the littlest.  I have been trying to make the space surrounding the garden more welcoming.  We checked out a book from the library yesterday with patterns to build some rustic benches out of saplings.  This will likely not happen until my boys are grown and gone, but a girl can dream.

I am loving the garden this go around.  It is so nice to feel a bit more settled in this spot, and have a bit more knowledge of the perennials coming up.  For there is no lack in them, that is for sure.  I have been working in little chunks to eradicate some of the more spread types (COMFREY!) and to arrange the ones I cherish.  And most importantly I feel so at peace with growing what I can and knowing deep inside its OK that I get the bulk of my vegetables elsewhere.  My neighbors are amazing organic farmers.  In fact, I would say they are magical.  We rode bikes to our first CSA pick up yesterday and found ourselves with new potatoes, several pounds of chard and spinach and two gorgeous heads of buttery soft lettuce.  It is really exciting to grow your own nourishment, and this year, right now, I think it is equally lovely to leave it up to the experts.  But I’ll keep doing my best!


6 thoughts on “the garden

  1. These pictures! These words! For a moment, I was far away from SoCal’s crush of noise and traffic and much rarer green …

  2. I love your attitude about it. I go crazy once I get to the garden store buying all sorts of plants, but it’s really still a hobby for me now – I get most of our veggies from our local CSA. And we’re dealing with pests as well – slugs and, I think, a rabbit. So frustrating when they get the whole plant!

  3. Oh how beautiful it all sounds, and how lovely to just enjoy what you’ve grown and know that there are really great farms on your doorstep to fill in the gaps! And your pregnancy craving for greens made me giggle- mine last year was spinach and avocado salad. – I just didn’t want to eat anything else!

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